1500mm diameter of straight bevel gear

    1500mm diameter of straight bevel gear

  • Gear Type:
    Straight bevel gear
  • Diameter:
  • Modulus:
  • Application:
    chemical industrymining machinerycement industry
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SKB Gear insist on that "the quality of the same quality than price, same price, the same product than the prestige". We pratice it in broad masses of old and new customers trust, especially in the case of straight tooth bevel gear processing. We would like to work with new and old customers for cooperation, and to seek common development, awaits respectfully you the presence.
As for straight bevel gears suitable processing method, under normal circumstances, the preferred gear-shaping, suitable for small-volume, multi-species case, conversion products easy. For volume is large, with Y2725E pole plate milling machine will be more efficient, but difficult to adjust the machine. Repair of individual straight bevel gears on plain milling machine milling, with low accuracy. Of course, larger quantities may consider forging, rolling and other methods.
SKB Gear is a company specialized in the production of chemical industry, mining machinery, cement compound fertilizer equipment cast steel Gear accessories company. It has the abundant casting and mechanical processing capacity. We have advantage in casting processing, products include ball mill, the big gear wheel drum dryer, compound fertilizer industry in all kinds of granulating wheel, coated machine, the big gear rotary cooling machine and all kinds of roll ring.straight tooth bevel gear, spiral bevel gear are most popular in customers. 


Technical Parameters

Main Product Range

Name Diameter Modulus
Spiral bevel Gear ≤ 2.0M ≤ 40M
Straight Bevel Gear ≤ 1.6M ≤ 38M
Big Ring Gear ≤ 6.3M ≤ 36M

Calculation formula of the main parameters on standard spur bevel gear

Name Code Name Calculation formula
Reference diameter d d=mZ
Addendum ha ha=m
Dedendum ≤ 6.3M ≤ 36M
Tip diameter ≤ 6.3M ≤ 36M

Structure of Bevel Gear

Inspection & Control

we have a comprehensive set of inspection and control tools for quality control, materials analysis, mechanical properties,ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle inspection, bevel gear roll coloring check,three-coordinate precision gear tester etc..

Germany ZEISS three-coordinate precision inspection

Germany ZEISS three-coordinate precision inspection

Germany ZEISS three-coordinate precision inspection

Bevel gear contact area(Concave)

The bevel gear contact area inspection

The bevel gear contact area inspection

Bevel Gear Contact Area (Convex)

Bevel Gear Contact Area (Convex)

Three-coordinate bevel gear precision inspection report

Three-coordinate bevel gear precision inspection report

SKB Services

To ensure better cooperation,our factory provides the following services to the buyers:

1.OEM&ODM:As the special samples and drawings.

2.The small order is acceptable.

3. Professional services

4. Comprehensive and professional after-sale services

We are a supplier of metal material & machinery products. We have extensive experience in the manufacture of Spiral bevel gear,Straight bevel gear and Big Ring gear. Welcome to sending drawings and inquiry.

Production Workflow

  • Material inspection

    Material inspection

  • Gear blank machining

    Gear blank machining

  • Gear blank machining

    Gear blank machining

  • Roughing tooth

    Roughing tooth

  • Toothed finishing

    Toothed finishing

  • Keyway / hole, etc.

    Keyway / hole, etc.

  • Cleaning


  • Precision gear inspection

    Precision gear inspection

  • Heat Treatment

    Heat Treatment

  • Final test

    Final test


According to the drawings or samples, customize gear products you need.



According to the specific requirements, design gear products for you, and generate the production.


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