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Bevel Gears Manufacturing Process

The bevel gears manufacturing process is included by Pre-forming the blank with or without the teeth; Annealing of the blank when required. This is required in the case of cast or forged steels. Preparation of the gear blank is done to the needed dimensions by means of machining when teeth are produced or the pre-formed teeth are finished with the help of machining; Surface or full hardening of the machined teeth of the gear, when required; Finishing the teeth by means of grinding or shaving; Inspecting the finished bevel gear.
Bevel gears are solid blocks that are used primarily to change the directions of power transmissions. They are also used to change directuions of rotational power at right angles without changing the speed to torque. Different types of bevel gears like straight bevel gears, spiral bevel gears and hypoid gears have wide application like automobile industry, manufacture of electric and diesel locomotives, cooling towers, firearms manufacturing, marine industry, heavy duty machinery manufacturing, power plants, and printing presses.

Necessary Equipment

  • DMU five-axis  machining groups

    DMU five-axis machining groups

  • Gleason Arc Milling Tooth Machine(American)

    Gleason Arc Milling Tooth Machine

  • Gleason Arc Gear Grinding Machine (American)

    Gleason Arc Gear Grinding Machine

  • C5225 vertical lathe

    C5225 vertical lathe

  • Germany 160K Cone gear shaping machine

    Germany 160K Cone gear shaping machine

  • Y2380A conical teeth gear shaping machine

    Y2380A conical teeth gear shaping machine


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