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Stainless Steel Gear Wheel Manufacturer

SKB gear is a professional stainless steel gear wheel manufacturer in China. Due to its excellent load bearing capacity, high strength and robust construction, the offered stainless steel gear wheel is highly demanded.
Stainless steel gear wheel Standard: ASTM, AISI, BS, DIN, JIS, NF
Stainless steel gear wheel Process: Drilling, Tapping, Milling, Grinding, etc.
Stainless steel gear wheel Surface Treatment: Polishing, Power Coat, etc.
Inspection and control: we have a comprehensive set of inspection and control tools for quality control, materials analysis, mechanical properties, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle inspection, bevel gear roll coloring check, three-coordinate precision gear tester etc…
Take our scale economy, raw material superiority, and sincerity for clients to account, our price has a great competitiveness. They are good value and cost effective than your imagine.
Need more information about Stainless steel gear wheel, please contact us, we will provide the most professional service for you.

Necessary Equipment

  • DMU five-axis  machining groups

    DMU five-axis machining groups

  • Gleason Arc Milling Tooth Machine(American)

    Gleason Arc Milling Tooth Machine

  • Gleason Arc Gear Grinding Machine (American)

    Gleason Arc Gear Grinding Machine

  • C5225 vertical lathe

    C5225 vertical lathe

  • Germany 160K Cone gear shaping machine

    Germany 160K Cone gear shaping machine

  • Y2380A conical teeth gear shaping machine

    Y2380A conical teeth gear shaping machine


According to the drawings or samples, customize gear products you need.



According to the specific requirements, design gear products for you, and generate the production.


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24 hours online service

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